About Auburn

About Auburn

Auburn’s passion for riding began early in her childhood riding her horse Pogo bareback in the hills of San Juan Capistrano, California. Always looking for a log, ditch, or creek to ride her horse across, her instincts led her naturally toward a career as a Three Day Event Rider.

In order to develop her success, Auburn’s creation of a savvy business mindset was a primary goal of hers. She achieved this goal with intense focus and hard work. Auburn graduated from Chapman University with a major in Organizational Leadership and Business, while simultaneously building The Excell Equestrian Eventing Team.

ICP logoAuburn has also earned ICP Level 3 Certification with the USEA. Over the years she has helped many riders build confidence, develop their skills, and achieve their personal competition goals. The roots of her success have stemmed from her belief that “If there is a will, there is a way”. She has created her dream career and built her life around this core approach.

About Auburn Auburn possesses dual citizenship in both the United States and in Ireland. Currently, she is conducting her training business in San Juan Capistrano, California where she runs Excell Equestrian Riding Club at Sycamore Trials Stables. In addition to teaching students of all ages and skill levels, Auburn also produces her horses and operates a consignment sales barn at Sycamore Trails Stables. This lovely facility includes seven arenas, eight barns, wash racks, round pens, and much more, making it the ideal location for her business.

Galway DownsAuburn’s philosophy is to produce competition horses and riders that are well rounded and confident in the three phases of Eventing. She enjoys coaching riders of all ages and levels of experience, as well as working with all types of horses. Auburn strongly believes that a primary focus on flatwork fundamentals, balance, adjustability and quality of the gaits is key to achieving success at any level. She takes great pride in helping her students achieve their goals, and in seeing the horses she trains improve and mature into top competitors.

Auburn In The Media

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California Riding Magazine, 2014 – TROTT
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Southern California Equestrian Sports

 As specified on their website, “Southern California Equestrian Sports, Inc. (SCES) is a non-profit organization dedicated to help equestrian riders and organizers raise tax deductible funds to compete in or support their National and International competitions throughout the United States.

SCES is a designed to help athletes and owners expand their financial resources to train and compete by allowing supporters to receive a tax deductible benefit for contributions. SCES understands the financial commitment it takes to compete at the highest levels of equestrian sports; therefore established an organization to help foster development and competition. ”

If you are interested in helping Auburn support her passion and her sport, then please visit the SCES Website or you can donate directly to help Auburn and her peers through Paypal by clicking the donate link.

“SCES has been granted a tax exempt status under Section 501C3 of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible at the maximum allowed by law and donations can be made on behalf of Southern California Equestrian Sports, Inc.”

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